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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Systel, sustainability is crucial to how seamlessly and effectively we integrate our global business practices with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With ‘Going Green’ as the key driver of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we remain committed to mitigate the impact of our operations on the natural environment

Making sustainable environmental Investments is the guiding principle behind Systel’s CSR initiatives. By leveraging energy-saving and environment-friendly systems, we endeavor to achieve an in-house culture that breeds impacting the environment in a constructive manner.

Systel’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy has following facets:

  • Investing and using only alternative and renewable sources of energy in offices, primarily, solar energy
  • Implementing carbon neutrality practices
  • Partnering with the manufacturers of green/electric cars, while promoting the same among our workforce
  • Usage of only recyclable materials in office.
  • Implementing systems that help us reduce the usage of electricity, natural gas, and domestic water
  • Planting trees and flora throughout the company campus
  • Leveraging practices in office to curtail the usage of paper.

The concept of ‘Going Green’ is at the core of Systel’s CSR practices. So, while we make profits for our business, we also leverage our expertise and knowledge to make the surrounding environment a better place to live and work at.