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Taare is a new age innovation for celebrities to connect with their followers. The scheme of the platform aims at integrating the most accomplished theories of Cloud Computing, Big Data, SOA, Search and Social Networking.

With the increasing impact of Social networking, Social media presence has become a critical part of every Star’s identity, Taare creates a unified platform to enhance this presence. The solution can be used as an effective platform not only to share, but also to promote their brand image by creating a network of followers. For followers knowing what’s up with their icons is the most exciting factor, and Taare ensures to deliver this excitement every second. Taare offers the most innovative means to keep your followers engaged continuously, and strength relationships with them.

Endorsing a product was never so easy, Taare is highly effective in creating a channel between brands, brand-ambassadors and consumers. Through our platform you can promote a product or cause to all your followers or just a set of target audience.

Taare is an amalgam of best-in-class features of the social media world making it the one stop solution – Upload videos, share your thoughts, promote your idea, endorse your brand in the easy way, TAARE.