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The Ultimate Transcription Solution

TRANSPANDIT is a pioneering innovation in the area of transcription by Systel. TRANSPANDIT, a premium offering, signals the paradigm shift in the transcription industry by being the only web-enabled and secure methodology system in the medical/legal transcription field. It indicates a clean and secure shift from the analog age to the digital age in transcription.

Conventional transcription methodology, besides being mostly manual, also induces human errors and vast overheads in all the involved processes from job retrieval to job delivery. Data transfer involving telephony is expensive. The data transfer mechanisms offered by various other vendors may not be secure since there is always a need for transfer (download and upload) of voice data and transcribed data over non-secure Extranet or Internet. No comprehensive solution has been available so far in the industry to deal effectively with these problems.

Almost all the dictation systems today are proprietary. They do not allow any customization or changes in accordance with the changing needs of the users. Healthcare institutions have to invest time, money and resources on these dictation systems to keep up with their changing needs. The dictation systems are centralized and no single product offers the end-user the freedom to dictate from anywhere they feel like dictating.

TRANSPANDIT, our web-based transcription service system allows users to dictate from virtually any location – through hand-held dictation devices, DVRs, 800-dialup telephone, or any other dictation system. We also interface with all the legacy dictation systems to retrieve the jobs.

The dictated jobs are collected in a centralized, easily managed transcription database where they can be quickly and easily turned around and returned to the originator. Our wireless interface solution makes it possible to dictate from anywhere at anytime. TRANSPANDIT is a single, low-cost, easily maintained technology for all of your transcription, administrative and reporting needs. It is highly flexible, giving you the option of installing it as a completely new system, or as an add-on or enhancement to an existing legacy system.

TRANSPANDIT complies with the future HIPAA and AAMT standards. It allows you to move any digital voice file and the transcribed text over a secure Internet or Extranet system besides giving you the freedom to check the status of the jobs with secure logins throughout the life of the job! TRANSPANDIT means

  • No more courier services.
  • No more long distance communication bills.
  • No more record/re-record, Zip/unzip, Encrypt/de-Encrypt.

Systel-Medline’s new transcription technology brings dictation and the transcription process out of the dark ages of induced ignorance and into the digital age with: Digital voice recording, easy, secure Internet file usage, automated file management and flexible voice/text file interface along with complete record information systems. Our Secure Internet Voice and Text System makes digital voice and text file management easy.


TRANSPANDIT transcription methodology is more secure than e-mail or FTP file transfer since there is no physical transfer of any file. There is no download and upload involved. We stream voice files over the internet with 128 bit SSL connections. Our just in time interfaces help us achieve security and portability across platforms in use.

TRANSPANDIT-The Advantages – Transcription

  • May be run from any PC on the network.
  • Secure transcriptionist logon.
  • Automatic listing of all jobs for specific user, by automatic assignment and priority.
  • Full demographic information including originator, work type, length, status, date/time etc.
  • Full set of optional controls.
  • Complete control of screen layout with job-editing capability.

TRANSPANDIT- The Advantage – Administration

  • Complete control of screen layout and contents with Administration Setup Program.
  • Sorts all lists by transcriptionist, work type, originator, or priority in oldest or newest order.
  • Remote administration.
  • Display the status of all completed and incomplete jobs in real-time.
  • Work flow templates may be customized for routing jobs by any combination of variables.
  • Powerful relational database allows for fast and detailed reporting.