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Testing as a service is sought after by all organizations-big or small- running an operation within the realms of IT. Whilst, testing is one of the most challenging phases of project management and requires an input of considerably large pool of resources, it is important to remove any glitches during the development or execution phase. Even a slight deviation can lead a firm to the technological and financial graveyard.

Systel leverages avant-garde tools and leading consulting practices to provide testing services that not only enhance the quality of the product, but also make way for a more sound monitoring of the overall product health and testing efficiency. The comprehensive suite of Systel’s testing services is characterized by definitude and applicability.

We employ a wide array of testing tools and procedures for ensuring that you leverage the highest quality software for your IT operations. Systel employs following procedures for providing testing as a service to its clients:

Manual Testing:

For dynamic business applications, Manual Testing serves excellent purpose. As a part of Manual Testing, we offer Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Component Testing, Risk-based Testing, Compatibility and User-Acceptance Testing.

Automation Testing:

This testing is performed for more intricate software architectures. As a part of Automation Testing, we offer Functional Test Automation, Regression Test Automation and Smoke Test Automation

With Systel, the focus is always on precision, while delivering optimized results with pre-defined technology investments and a highly committed service channel.